9 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 9

 - 9 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 9
There's always something to worry about when you're pregnant © iStockphoto
I’ve just got back from holiday and have eight missed calls from my the doctors surgery and my midwife.

This week that I should really be having my first appointment with my midwife but because we’ve been away I’d missed it.

The first appointment with the midwife is where you discuss your health and do basic tests such as weight, height, blood pressure etc, but it’s also a chance to discuss the tests available during the pregnancy and then start setting them up.
The first test to arrange is a blood test and nuchal ultrasound scan which shows the risks of Down Syndrome.

The scan does several measurements which are used with the blood test results to see the risk of Downs Syndrome to the fetus.

We have decided to ahead with this test, not that it would change our mind to go on with the pregnancy if the baby was found to be high risk for Downs Syndrome, but so we can be as prepared as possible for the baby’s needs.
We have now rearranged the midwife appointment and have to wait and see when we can arrange these tests and scans.

Virus scare

Virus scare © Stockbyte
The doctors had also left a message about a blood test I had which I’d completely forgot about. Three weeks ago my son was very unwell in a long list of illness he has suffered.

This time he had a very chesty cold and it was taking its toll on his little body. When we got to the doctors they put him on antibiotics but they were worried as he had very flushed cheeks.
I didn’t really look into this too much, as he had been outside and his teeth were coming through, however the nursery had children who had been sent home with Scarlett Fever and the doctor was worried that perhaps our little man had picked up a parvovirus similar to Scarlet Fever known as Slapped Cheek Syndrome (Parvovirus B19.)

It’s a common childhood viral infection and most children don’t know they have had it, and are usually immune to it by their teens. However it is a high risk virus to pregnant women who don’t have immunity.
Parvovirus B19 can increase the risk of a miscarriage. So the doctor advised me to have a blood test to see if I had immunity or had already had the parvovirus B19.

To be honest I was so annoyed that I’d ended up getting a blood test when we’d come in with our little boy I didn’t think much more of it. I had the blood test before we went on holiday, and quickly forgot all about it.

It turns out the blood test did not find any immunity or detection of the disease but because I am pregnant I am going to have another blood test in April to check again for a presence as it can be dormant for a while.

There is a one in three chance that I could pass the infection onto the unborn baby.
There is also a risk that the baby could develop severe anemia, which could cause heart failure and an abnormal collection of fluid inside the baby’s tissue.

Due to this risk, in cases where the virus is detected regular ultrasound scans will be given so as to monitor the health of the baby.

The worse scenario is that if the baby shows signs of severe anemia, the baby may be treated with a blood transfusion.

The infection carries a risk of miscarriage or still birth estimated to be between 3-10 per cent, however it does not cause birth defects. It is only now as I write this I think how serious this. I can only trust that if the baby was at high risk I would be already going through this schedule.

How it feels to be 9 weeks pregnant

Other than this worry which I try not to think about too much, I have felt really well. The sickness has decreased a lot, but I did nearly faint in Tesco which was a little embaressing. My trick is to eat little and often so as to keep my energy levels high.

However in that circumstance a big bar of chocolate was very helpful and very much appreciated.
The next couple of weeks are very exciting as the appointments begin and tests are carried out, which means we get to find out more about how little Bean is doing.

The preganancy is becoming more real each day, and I already can’t wait to see Bean in our first scan!

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