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 - 6 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 6
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We went to the doctors this week and he was just as surprised as we were that we were pregnant, especially with my polycystic ovaries, but he seemed genuinely pleased. He didn’t do a test just took my last menstrual period date (which is the first day of your last period) and the date I took the tests (I’ve taken three more since as just cant believe it – the hubby thinks we should get shares in pregnancy testing kits!)

The due date as it stands is the 28th October (but that is unlikely to be accurate as with pcos ovulation time is all over the place so it can be hard to calculate a due date). October seems along way off and I haven’t really had a chance to think about it.

At this point in the pregnancy I’m finding it hard to think of the baby as a baby - it is still so small. With baby number one we named ‘it’ Pip until we had our 20 week scan and he paraded his bits to us even when they were only trying to measure his head! So we have named this one Bean.

According to the books Bean is literally the size of a bean and has a large head and dark spots where his eyes and nostrils are starting to form. The arms and legs are starting to protrude and look like little buds forming with paddles on the end which will eventually be hands and feet. The heart has formed into chambers and is beating twice the rate of an adult heart. As for ears, well they are emerging and it seems that Bean is starting to listen to mummy already.

Baby number one has been ill this week so that’s meant late nights for everyone, no sleep and lots of clearing up of sick covered clothes and leaky nappies. So I haven’t had a chance to think too much about myself and Bean. However sitting here writing this I can tell you the following changes in my body...

How it feels to be 6 weeks pregnant

I’ve had a terrible upset stomach at all times of the day, ulcers in my mouth which are very painful and are making eating a real drag. I’ve had this awful queasiness which doesn’t disappear till about 3pm and chronic fatigue.

My poor husband has been hearing all of this in detail followed by my usual complaint, “I don’t remember any of this with our first.” He nods sympathetically and then he mouths: “Yes you did!” – but no one likes a smart ass so I act like I can’t hear.

With baby number one I had constant sickness that lasted the entire pregnancy (even in labor) and it came about three to four times a day. So whilst I may have ulcers, and fatigue I reassure myself telling my husband: “at least I’m not being sick this time.”

It was like Bean had heard me. I woke with the usual queasiness heading downstairs with the little man in my arms to get toast and jam to ease it, when all of a sudden - oh no I’m going to be sick.

I put baby down, run to the loo with the patter of tiny feet following quickly after me, to face my old friend - the loo rim as all the water I’d just drunk hurls at the speed of lightning. Seeing mummy so unwell baby number one decides to put his head directly between my mouth and the loo saying: “Mama hello,” then reciting his poem: “Bubble bubble, bubble, pap”!

So sweet but not very helpful, so between heaves I get him to find his teddy, then his tea set and then back again for a book. By the time he has gone back and forth I am finished feeling slightly better if not light headed and the day starts to get back to normal.

I feel I handled that quite well and as we set out to do our chores I think to myself, “I can handle this pregnancy and a little one at the same time.” It seems Bean has other ideas and outside the pharmacy I start puking again.
This time the little man is in his car seat so have a clear window between me and the road - but the looks begin and the comments are murmured and you find yourself justifying yourself between heaves: “No I haven’t got a hangover or been drinking at 9am ….. I’M SIX WEEKS PREGNANT AND MY BEAN HATES ME!”   

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