7 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 7

This week we traveled early Saturday morning to Gatwick to catch an eight hour flight to Barbados to join our cruise ship, where we will enjoy two weeks’ worth of Caribbean sun, amazing food and fun, fun, fun.

Travelling when pregnant is really hit or miss. It really depends on how your body is going to react to the standing in airports, the airplane food and what new and exciting changes your body wants to go through.

As we pushed the cases and the buggy through Gatwick I had a sudden sharp pain that took my breath away. It really shocked me and obviously the worse instantly went through my mind.

My long suffering husband stopped the group and sat me down and calmly told me to go to the toilet and check for bleeding.
In my previous pregnancy I had a bleed at around 10 weeks. It was an awful day and lasted for three days.

We went to the early pregnancy assessment clinic (EPAC) and had an early scan looking for viability. Luckily with our first there were signs of a heartbeat and we now have a very healthy bubbly young boy.

However because of this experience I am constantly on edge that the same may happen and that maybe we won’t be so lucky.

They explained at the time that the bleed was probably due to the implantation of the embryo into my womb, and is a normal (but scary) variant in pregnancy.

 - Pregnancy week by week: 7 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 7
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My husband could see it my eyes that this scenario was racing through my mind but he calmly took me to the toilet and thankfully there was nothing there.

I also don’t remember a pain with the bleed with our son so I started to relax a bit more but the pain had been very sharp and played on my mind.
I am very lucky to have a husband with such good medical knowledge (he is a sonographer after all) and often he has more of an insight into my body than I do. He explained that the pain is caused by my uterus expanding and therefore it’s being stretched, he adds that because it’s my second baby l’ll probably feel the pains more.
He likens it to blowing a balloon up again after the elasticity in the rubber is reduced. He made such good sense and after a little rest and a drink of water the pain subsided and I was back on my feet ready to face airport security.
I have to admit in terms of my pregnancy the rest of the journey to Barbados was very uneventful. I hadn’t been constantly going to the loo, until day three of our holiday...

The reason pregnant women are constantly toilet is that your uterus is expanding and therefore there isn’t the full capacity of your bladder to hold as much urine.

This is the second cruise I have been on and the second time I have been pregnant. There are the obviously limitations to holidays when pregnant.

There’s no alcohol, and limits on the food you can try and even the excursions you can go on.

A few treats in pregnancy are definitely allowed! © Brand X Images
What to eat when you're pregnant

I’m not a strict believer in diet rationing whilst pregnant. I don’t remember once being told not to eat certain things whilst pregnant by a midwife or a doctor.

The only advice I remember is to eat healthily like we all should whether pregnant or not.

This means five fruit or vegetables a day, eight glasses of water, limited fats and sugar products and a balance of carbohydrates and protein.

I am also a believer that if you crave something you shouldn’t deny yourself as it is your bodies’ way of telling you that you are lacking something.

The only problem with this theory is that you need to be able to judge whether you are craving something or that you a telling yourself you need it.

For example on ship there are the most delicious puddings - with cheesecake, chocolate, fruit, and pies, (it’s like a pudding wonderland!) and my body is saying “eat them all, enjoy them all, be one with the puddings” - but then I realize it’s that greedy person inside of me trying to use pregnancy as an excuse.
I know a lot of pregnant women that are constantly on the internet searching what you should and shouldn’t eat and that’s when it gets so confusing that you probably end up eating nothing but air.
I am also wary when I read articles where it says: “research suggests...” I have a science background and carried out research in my own right, and one thing you should be aware of is that research can support any theory, especially if the project isn't conducted fairly and under the right conditions.

Therefore my advice as one pregnant women to another (and I am no expert) is to eat healthily. As for alcohol I have to admit I've indulged in a glass or two on holiday. Again I think this is down to the individual and you have to live with your choices.

How it feels to be 7 weeks pregnant

On this holiday I have had an extreme sleeping pattern. I have had insomnia some nights with my leg in and out of the covers as I’m hot then cold then hot again.

My husband calls my leg the human thermometer! Then some parts of the day I have been found almost unconscious, sleeping so heavily that even the crying of my son cant wake me.

Because of this extreme tiredness I haven’t managed to stay awake past 8pm- what a party animal I am.

Either my stomach is expanding from all the food or Bean is growing. This week Bean has formed eye lids, a tip of a nose, elbow joints that bend and more complex brain and heart formation. It’s no wonder I am so tired that’s a lot of growing!
I’d like to do a cruise when I’m not pregnant as I genuinely don’t know if the
nausea I feel is because of the pregnancy or whether it’s just down to sea sickness. I have had my continual three day cycle of one day fine, second day queasy all day and third day sick, sick, sick.

However yesterday I couldn’t keep anything down till about seven in the evening. It was awful running to the nearest toilet, which I can’t always find as quickly as I would like to.
I can only conclude that the terrible sickness was due to a mixture of pregnancy and boat movement as today we are still at sea and I have eaten a full breakfast and a heap of fruit and I am able to stand upright for longer than 10 minutes without the urge to throw myself into the sea and swim for land!
We’ve got three more sea days then we’re on dry land in Tenerife. After that we’re going to have another few days at sea so I’ll soon see if this nausea is Bean or sea sickness.

Either way I think a good pampering in the oasis spa works wonders, so that’s where I’m off to now - a facial and a back massage is in order- bliss!

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