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15 Epic Fears That EVERY Mum Suffers From

by Carla Cain Walther ,
15 Epic Fears That EVERY Mum Suffers From© Getty

Oh, motherhood - it's a beautiful, rewarding, and totally anxiety-inducing state of being! The worries and fears that invade your mind once you become a parent are overwhelming. Now you play out nightmare scenarios in your head, causing you to bombard your GP/mum/best friends with frantic calls. Raising kids is scary - but you're not alone. Here are 15 fears every mum has.

1. Your baby will stop breathing in the middle of the night

Do you sneak out of your bed to lay next to your baby's crib, hover over their mouth to make sure they're inhaling and exhaling, or set up multiple baby monitors in their bedroom? You're not alone. The fear of SIDS is something that nearly every mum has experienced, especially in the first few months of her baby's life.

2. You'll suck as a mother

The love for your child comes naturally and instantly but the minutiae of parenting is a whole 'nother story! That's why many mothers stress out, cry, and beg their labor nurses to come home with them after giving birth.

​It's super scary to be slapped in the face with a lifetime of responsibility of not only raising a child but raising a child who is happy, nice, and well-adjusted You can do it though - you turned out just fine!

3. You won't know what each cry means

The first time your baby cries at home, you want to do everything - feed them, sing lullabies, try to rock them to sleep, or shake mobiles in their face.

​​But if they keep on crying, that's when the fear of not knowing what the hell your baby needs starts to grow and all of a sudden you're crying too and calling your other mummy friends to give you tips...but then your baby burps and all is good. Don't worry, you're doing fine!

4. You'll drop them and they'll shatter

No matter how much you practiced holding a baby before giving birth, mums have unrealistic visions of their baby slipping out of their grip even if they're holding them tightly or knocking their kid's head against wall as they walk through the house. Thankfully, that probably won't happen!

5. Some sick person will give your baby an airborne illness

You make your friends clean the hell out of their hands before touching your baby or fantasize about sending hate mail to parents who send their coughing, sniffling, and runny-nosed kids to school when they should clearly stay home.

No mum wants to see their baby hurting so the idea of your kid bedridden from the flu can lead you to tears!

6. You'll turn your head for one second and your baby will be snatched up!

The shopping centre. Carnivals. Amusement parks. Anything involving crowds and small children is a recipe for a freak out moment for parents!

​Kiddy leashes don't seem like such a bad idea in these situations...even though you swore you'd never be that parent!

7. You'll roll over in your sleep and crush your baby

Co-sleeping ain't for everyone. so if accidentally killing your baby in your sleep makes you panic um...don't sleep with your baby!

8. They'll escape from their crib at night

Once your babe starts becoming more mobile, you live in fear of hearing a big thud from your baby's room.

9. Your baby will choke on their food and die

This is a fear that might not go away until your child's fine motor skills are refined. A scary fact: baby's do get food stuck in their throats and it's really frightening to say the least.

So go take a class on the baby Heimlich to give yourself some peace of mind during feeding time.

10. Furniture will fall on them :(

Bookcases. End tables. Standing mirrors. Heavy furniture is now to be feared.

11. You will pass away unexpectedly, leaving your baby motherless

You'll never really know what sh*tty card life might hand you, but obsessing over your health to the point of paranoia isn't, well, healthy.

Just remember to get your annual doctor's check-up, eat healthy, exercise, and shower your kids will as much love as you can while you're here!

12. They'll tumble down the stairs

Nothing makes your heart jump out of your chest faster than the sight of your baby at the top of a flight of stairs (and nothing makes you run faster either!).

13.You're being too nice

There are worse things in the world to be, but you don't want to realize too late that you've raised a brat!

​Children who are used to getting whatever the hell they want might turn into nightmares when they're older so try not to give in to your kid on everything!

14. You're being too strict

Your children respecting you as their mother is important, but at night in bed you might wonder if you were a teensy bit too hard on your oldest for fighting with their little brother. Maybe you shouted too loudly or punished him too severely.

​Whatever happened, suddenly you imagine them hating you for their rest of their lives! But don't worry - kids are quick to forgive their parents, so apologise if you think you were too harsh. They'll let it slide!

15. Your baby will like someone more than you

Your baby's daycare teacher, babysitter, or even grandma can make your jealousy spike if you don't watch out!

​You want to be your baby's number 1 - and you are!! - but OMG you might blow a gasket if it takes another five minutes to pull him off the Friday sitter.

What irrational fears do you have as a mum? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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