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15 Reasons Why We Wish We Were The Ones Going Back To School

by Emmy Griffiths ,
15 Reasons Why We Wish We Were The Ones Going Back To School

The end of the summer holidays was always an emotional rollercoaster as a child but looking back on it, was going back to school all that bad? Fresh matching stationary sets, a brand new wardrobe and the chance to see your friends EVERY DAY sounds pretty darn fantastic to us as adults to be honest…Here’s why we wish we were going back to school...

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1. We didn’t have to worry about what to wear

You know when we did have to worry? Non-uniform day; the one sacred day of the year where you could wear what you pleased seemed like some kind of nirvana. The rest of the time is was just a shirt, cardigan and no worries. Bliss.

2. School trips were amazing

Organised fun! Planned learning! Group hilarity! Without school, there’s not much chance that we’ll be going on a 10-hour coach trip with our best friends to adventure weekends anytime soon! Sure, our holiday’s are still fun (who doesn’t love beaches and cocktails), but back in the day we had orienteering and abseiling dammit!

3. Lunches were great. Just great.

You had a little tray with sections for your grub that usually consisted of flat meat and odd tasting mash potato, along with a sponge cake and a glass of juice. Just think about eating that sponge cake as you choke down your kale salad at your desk today…sniff.

4. Playtime was literally a requirement

Yep, twice a day you were forced to go out and have FUN. All we’re saying is that if our office just invested in a playground with hopscotch and possibly a swing set, production would be up tenfold.

5. We kind of miss learning

It sounds a little weird (because we hated it in the day) but wouldn’t it just be so nice to sit in a classroom and learn all about your favourite subject without a. having to pay for it and b. having to go to a night class?!

6. Your day finished at half 3

Then it was home time to eat BNs in front of the TV while watching My Parents Are Aliens and The Smurfs. TAKE US BACK!

7. The school discos were off the CHAIN

What parties do we go to now where that cat suit or those faux-suede clodhoppers will actually be appreciated?! Also, no one slides around on the floor on their knees anymore. Not one person.

8. WordArt was considered graphic design

Our presentations at school consisted of choosing a really cool type of WordArt and having it zoom onto the screen with a round of applause sound effect. Our work presentations are…less impressive.

9. One day a year you were forced to have fun outdoors all day

That day was Sports Day and, if you played your cards right, you wouldn’t even have to do any sports (unless you like sports, in which case this day was your Christmas). For the rest of us, it was all about sitting on the grassy banks, chilling and trying to care about which teachers won the annual tug-of-war contest.

10. Your teacher loved you

All you needed to do to get your teacher to like you was to be polite, but your hand up once a lesson and cross your arms when asked. Just like that, glowing Parent’s Evening in the bag! If only getting our boss to like us could be so easy…sigh…

11. The unparalleled glee when you had a supply teacher

A supply teacher is basically an excuse to wreak havoc for the day and suffer zero consequences. You could smell the supply teacher’s fear, and they knew it. Supply teacher day was basically a day off. Even hearing them try to get through the register was entertaining.

12. Boys were gross (and hilarious)

We preferred our relationship to the boys when they had snotty jumper cuffs and pretended to chase us around. Now our relationship with boys is more about heartbreak and speed dating. Bleurgh.

13. You never had any worries

Being at school meant always having someone look out for you. True, the world of being an adult means independence and being able to take care of yourself but at the same time, wasn't it so nice just to not to think about anything?

14. You'd be with your friends all day

This was especially exciting when you were allowed to choose your own partner. A whole lesson filled with messing with your best friend?! Even though you were always eventually separated, this was always fun while it lasted.

15. Art and drama lessons were mandatory

Yep, painting and pretending to be a roller coaster in drama (“work together everyone!”) was required! How did we not appreciate this more at the time?!

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