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15 Things That Happen When Daddy is Left Alone with The Baby

by Carla Cain Walther ,
15 Things That Happen When Daddy is Left Alone with The Baby© Getty

Father's Day is coming up on June 15th so it's time to poke a little fun at all the dads out there. Sometimes it's hard to leave baby with dad overnight. Sure, he's capable and responsible and all that jazz... but he's not you and let's face it - mums DO know best! Here's what really happens when it's just daddy and baby left home alone.

1. Baby learns to help out around the house!

This is not what you meant when you asked him to keep the place clean!


2. Pizza for dinner!!

Cheese, vegetable toppings, and pepperoni. That qualifies as a healthy dinner, right?


(And your hubby can't wait to tell you that for the first time, your kid ate everything on his plate!)

3. The "Only Candy on the Weekends!" rule no longer applies


4. Taking a bath is dad's time for his creativity to shine

Hey, at least baby got his hair washed while you were gone!

5. Your hubby inevitably loses the baby carrier

Oh, but don't worry, he figured something else out.

6. Baby's face turns into dad's personal playdough ball!


7. Daddy finally learns what each poop means


8. Your baby learns proper defense techniques

"So, we feel safer letting him out into the real world, honey!"


9. He changes your child's appearance without asking for permission first!

10. Your baby suddenly knows how to fart on cue

And your man is really proud of himself for teaching your little one that party trick!


11. He discovers another way to get the baby asleep at night


12. The beginnings of your family dance troupe are in the works!


13. Your hubby turns your house into the place to be on the weekends

And the Coolest Dad in the World Award goes to...


14. Dad perfects his baby comedy show


15. Dad falls deeper in love with his baby!

Real men go weak at the knees when it comes to baby kisses !


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Carla Cain Walther
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