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20 Things That Don't Matter Once You Have Kids

by Carla Cain Walther ,
20 Things That Don't Matter Once You Have Kids© Getty

Having kids changes you completely. When you brought your child home, your life did a complete 180, and in many ways, you've chilled out a bit and surprised yourself along the way. Issues that once made you freak out or material things that you thought you couldn't go a week without buying just aren't as pressing anymore. Here are the 20 things that don't matter once you have kids!

Friday night

Friday night marks the start of the weekend.... yeah, one that's full of play dates and hiding the iPad from your 3-year-old, not getting your wasteface on like you did when you were 20!

The Internet

There just aren't enough hours in your day to waste two of them on Internet browsing!

Spontaneous sex

Having sex on the kitchen counter doesn't seem that fun and impulsive when you spent half your afternoon cleaning your kids spit-up food off it. Scheduled sex is the best sex, ya feel me?

Reading for pleasure

LOL what are books again?

Weekly manicures

Now you let your daughter paint your nails for you, and hey, she's pretty good at it and willing to do it for 50p!

Matching socks

Getting socks on your kid's feet is half the battle. Who cares if one's polka dot and one's striped? AT LEAST THEY'RE WEARING THEM!

Spotless rooms

If you can see a pathway through the floor - it's clean.

Happy hour specials

Now you hurry past them while taking your kids to football practice.

Doing your hair every day

The messy bun is your go-to style from Monday to Friday.

Getting up close and personal with body fluids

You were once queasy about touching your own blood but now you barely flinch at the sight of runny noses, diarrhea, or bloody cuts.

Personal space

You've perfected the art of doing chores while your kid tries desperately to get a piggyback ride from you.

Live TV

You use the "Record Show" option more than ever now that you have kids.

Weekend getaways

The thought of the packing, planning, and mountains of laundry to be washed post-holiday is terrifying. Nope, one or two holidays a year is fine. You can save weekend trips for when the little ones are older...and can help with the driving!

Revamping your wardrobe

With kids constantly growing, new clothes for mum has become an old pleasure.

Getting a sexy car

The more leg room the better. You now fully understand the underrated beauty of a minivan!

Being that mum who is crazy about her food

You're pretty much an amateur nutritionist at this point.


Four hours a night is good. Six hours is a gift from the heavens!

Making new friends

Honestly, you're having so much fun watching your kids grow and realising how you and your partner have become closer as parents that you've formed an exclusive Family Bubble...and you're OK with that!

Feuds with your in-laws

They're one of your few free babysitting options so any tension from your hubby's mum talking sh*t on your Easter casserole last year is forgotten!

Your young adult dreams

Before you had a kid, you lived for yourself. After, you live to make your baby's life easier, full of happiness, and infinite possibility.

​It's not that your dreams don't matter at all, it's just that the path has changed and so will your goals!

​But this time you have a two-foot cheerleader encouraging you, loving you, and inspiring you to go after things you didn't know you wanted until you became a mum.

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