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11 Ways To Make Your Kids' Clothes Last Longer

by Lareese Craig ,
11 Ways To Make Your Kids' Clothes Last Longer

Don't you wish they could just stay cute and small forever? It would solve so many wardrobe issues and a whole lot of dollar too. Luckily, there's a few life hacks out there to help those adorable outfits (and your budget) stretch that little bit further. Here's 11 ways to make your kids' clothes last longer.

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1. Buy adjustable clothes

Adjustable waistbands mean they’ve got more room for growing. With dresses, always go longer. That way they get plenty of wear out of them when they grow a few inches taller.

2. Swap with your friends

Don't go swapping babies. No, we mean the clothes! Swapping outfits isn’t just for you and your girlfriends, why not extend the invitation to your bff’s brood too. You’re more than likely to have similar taste anyway. Borrow away.

3. Protect your clothes with your dressing gown

When they're up and dressed and ready for breakfast, wrap their dressing gowns over the top of their school uniform to save them from wearing their Ready Brek. They'll be comfy and stay clean - it's a win win! Whip it off last minute before you head out the door.

4. Don’t take too much notice of trends

As cute as Harper Beckham may be, trying to do designer just isn’t cost effective. Trends chop and change all the time, you’re far better off investing in classic, wearable pieces that will last.

5. Cold washes

It’s tedious stuff we know but cool washes and line drying means less stress on the fabric. All that fluff that gets caught in the dryer, that’s threads of your clothing!

6. DIY it

They’ll be some outfits your kids just won’t want to wear but rather than sitting at the back of the wardrobe, why not revamp their old or unworn clothes with a touch of DIY. Sit down one afternoon, add on some beads, try a no-sew elbow patch or stencil on a print! Make their unwanted ensembles unrecognisable. Crafty eh!

7. Old into new

Scuffed knees, holes, threadbare patches there’s no need to throw them our when you can up-cycle them instead. Cut trousers to make shorts or fashion a pair of gloves out of that jumper.

8. Rotate their wardrobe

This goes for shoes too. Make sure you give their favourite clothes time to recover between wear so they’re not in constant use.

9. Store everything properly

Their best-dressed clothes need a little more TLC than their everyday threads. Your suit jackets and favourite dresses will no doubt be hung in a canvas bag, far, far away from any messy fingertips, so let this wardrobe ethic rub off on their closet too.

10. Spot treat dirty clothes

Turns out there is too much of a good thing. Underwear certainly needs a washafter every wear, but trousers don’t require the same level of care. If clothes get dirty in between washes simply spot treat them with a stain remover pen or baby wipe. It’s not gross (we promise) and it will make your clothes last longer.

11. Join in the car boot fun

Whenever you get the chance to de-clutter, do it. Not only is a car boot great forclearing some wardrobe space but it’s a quick money maker. Babies' clothes do particularly well, with new mums on the look out for bargains. As heart-breaking as it is to accept your baby isn’t 6 months old anymore, letting go of those precious garments will mean more new clothes to dress them up in.

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