School phobia: solutions for school phobia
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School phobia: expert advice and support


 - School phobia: expert advice and support
What can be done when a return to school  is impossible?
When you've tried everything and a return to school seems to be out of the question, there are ways out. Child psychologists and therapists can help your child cope with their anxiety and help you deal with the knock-on effects of the phobia. Speak to your GP about possible solutions.

What advice can you give to parents whose child is suffering from school phobia?
1) You should never undermine the importance of school by telling your child things like "It doesn't matter if you miss school". If you want your child to respect school, you have to respect school and education yourself.

If your child has been off for three days and is supposed to go back on a Friday, they go back on the Friday. They need to maintain a routine, and you mustn't be indulgent with them.
2) If you have an unhappy child or teenager who seems to be suffering or who wants to avoid school at all costs, then something is clearly bothering them. You need to try and understand, listen to them, and offer them help.

Whether they're being bullied, having difficulties learning or feeling anxious... whatever the reason, you must be there to listen. Never make them feel guilty.

In conclusion, you shouldn't just take an interest in your child's school reports but in their general school life as well, so you can spot potential signs of a problem.

If you'd like some support because you're the parent or guardian of a child suffering from school phobia, you can contact Anxiety Care on (020) 8478 3400 (every Monday and Wednesday; 9.45am - 3.45pm).

For more information, visit the Anxiety Care website

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