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The Baby-Inspired Workout That's Harder Than You Think

by Carla Cain Walther ,
The Baby-Inspired Workout That's Harder Than You Think© http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4wRQOhM9Zs#t=38

Parents - who says you need a workout buddy your own age? Sometimes it takes the cutest viral video on YouTube to remind us that babies do more than spit up, cry, and demand all our attention. They're also great motivators for keeping fit! Introducing the Lilly Ann Workout which infuses the infectious energy of a newborn into a quick workout session that you and your little one can do at home...

Mike Stansbury, a health and wellness coach, recently uploaded a video featuring his adorable young daughter, Lilly Ann, working out alongside him. With her father's encouragement and direction, she performs planks and push-ups that would impress any parent or yoga master!


While Dad is getting an "intense" upper body and core workout, Lilly Ann is strengthening her neck, learning how to control the movement of her head, and building up vital muscles in her arms and back that will eventually help with crawling and rolling over. The most "AWWW"-inducing moment in the video comes mid-workout when Lilly Ann senses her father's fatigue and squeezes his shoulder in solidarity, creating a tender bonding moment between father and daughter that motivates both of them to finish.

We're glad to see Lilly Ann's Workout go viral because it adorably demonstrates that exercising with your newborn is a fun, easy way to strengthen both of your muscles and help your child reach developmental milestones even faster. Don't stop at push-up and planks. Check out these three baby-inspired workouts to incorporate into your personal Lilly Ann Workout:

Dance Like Your Baby's Watching

Babies love it when their parents act goofy in front of them and dancing is the perfect way to get your little one smiling and your heart rate racing. Clear out a space in your living room or kitchen, turn your iPod on shuffle and dance together for fifteen minutes every day.

Crawling Race

It might feel silly at first, but crawling enhances your balance, agility, and works your core and hamstrings. To get the most out of the exercise, try to do the Spiderman Crawl (put yourself in a plank position, hands flat on ground. Place one knee forward, diagonal to your elbow and then start crawling), and race your baby around her playroom!

Take Swimming Lessons Together

Swimming is great exercise for babies, but instead of watching their lessons, put on your suit and get into the water! Your child will feel more confident with you present, and you can get a solid workout in by demonstrating the strokes the instructor is teaching to the class.

That coolest parent award? Definitely coming your way!

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Carla Cain Walther
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