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What does she do for a living?
Web traffic manager
Where does she come from?
She likes…
organizing nights in, watching her favourite sitcoms
with her friends, cooking up some original recipes,
the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

She dislikes… the sound of her alarm clock.
Her fitness routine:
cutting down on chocolate.
« Everyone knows it. I'm not at all sporty. I did try last year. A work friend and I joined a gym together, but when she was transferred to another town I didn't bother going back. But that doesn't mean I let myself go - I'm actually really careful about what I eat and I only buy fresh products, that are in season and always try to buy organic. I would love to be able to take as much care of my figure with the same pleasure. I jumped at the chance of trying out a pair of EasyTone shoes, especially made for lazy girls like me. Every Sunday I like to go to my favourite market which is a good long walk away. I usually take the tube or the bus to get there but I decided to walk there in my EasyTones to see if they really work. Straight away I felt I was walking on air. Most of all, I felt like I was really working out by just walking. I think I'll go to the market twice a week now to get the most out of them »