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Womb Tube: New YouTube trend sees women reveal pregnancy test results live

by Vivian KELLY ,
Womb Tube: New YouTube trend sees women reveal pregnancy test results live© Getty

Something that used to be very private has now become all kinds of public with a new YouTube trend. There are now over 12,000 videos of women posting footage of themselves online as they wait to discover the results of a pregnancy test. But is this very personal moment one that needs to be shared with the rest of the world?

A new social media phenomenon has arrived and this time it's all about mums-to-be. Forget YouTube videos, this new trend dubbed 'Womb Tube' is apparently the new way in which wanna-be mum’s share their pregnancy test results online. Women announce pregnancy results live on camera before they have even told their husbands, friends or families their special news.

This jaw-on-the-floor trend is somewhat of a shock to the more traditional population who are used to hearing pregnancy news after the first trimester - as 80% of miscarriages occur within the first 3 months.

But these women are said to be sharing their experiences via social media as a way of ‘building a community’ - sharing negative test results and equally blessed moments of discovering wonderful news. Lucy Eades is just one of the thousands of bloggers in the socialsphere and has over 1 million followers on Youtube following her pregnancy progress.

When speaking to ABC news in America she said: “There have been people that have commented and said ‘nobody cares, why do you do this, who cares to see your life in this aspect?’

“I feel like it’s different, we’re there for the same purpose and goal, we want that connection, we want to feel this is normal and be able to share a happy experience with someone else who can understand how happy and joyous it really is.”


And according to Pediatric Psychologist, Lynne Kenney it’s way for women to be heard.

Kenney said to ABC news: “They want to have other people who are in their like situation really say ‘you know what, you’re not crazy and I understand the emotional power of waiting for this baby.”


Though, it can be harmful to post emotional videos of negative test results online and Kenney warns of it's potential to be ‘emotionally devastating’ for women sharing this early information with the world.


Do you think this womb tubing is a way of filling an emotional gap? Or a great way to connect with other aspiring moms to be?

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Vivian KELLY
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