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13 Christmas Gin Cocktails to Put The "Merry" in "Merry Christmas"

by Pascale Day ,
13 Christmas Gin Cocktails to Put The "Merry" in "Merry Christmas"

'Tis the season to be *hiccup* tipsy! And by tipsy, we mean drunk on gin cocktails and stuffing our faces with everything within arm's reach. If you thought that the refreshing taste of gin was simply just a sunshine kinda drink, you'd be wrong, oh so wrong. Gin is a drink for all seasons, and we're going to prove it - check out our fave gin Christmas cocktails, to be drunk exclusively in a Crimbo jumper.

Hedgerow Martini

This winter cocktail takes inspiration from one of our favourite autumnal activities: berry picking. But whereas your mum would put blackberries and raspberries in a delicious crumble, we've got a better use for the fruit: mix it with alcohol! This recipe takes Warner Edwards Sloe Gin (50ml), sweet Crème de mure (10ml), sugar syrup (20ml), lemon juice (20ml) and 4 fresh raspberries, and shakes 'em all together to make this deep, sweet treat.

Hendrick Gin Fall-All-Over

All we want in the colder months is a winter warmer, which is why the Fall All Over cocktail is perfect. By using gin, it eliminates the heaviness that would come out of swapping in a whiskey or a rum. The gin complements the crispness of the apple juice whilst the ginger is a warm comfort. Get the recipe here.


With the winter festivities soon upon us, it's entirely possible we might get just a little bit bored of drinking Prosecco. I mean, it's going to take a lot of Prosecco, but it could happen. Which is why this Sloe Gin twist on the fizzy stuff brings something interesting to the table when it comes to our fave tipple. You simple take 100ml Prosecco and add 35ml Warner Edwards Sloe Gin. That's it! But, if you wanna make it a little bit sweeter, pop 10ml of sugar syrup and 10ml of raspberry puree into your glass too.

Spiced Vanilla and Cranberry Christmas Cocktail

Tis' the season to use spice! Christmas is the perfect time to start spicing everything in sight, which is why we love this Spiced Vanilla and Cranberry cocktail. I mean, cranberry and spiced vanilla - could you get more Christmassy?! Try is here and try it now.

Blueberry Gin Sour

One for the sours fans! This recipe favours real blueberries over a puree, and it tastes all the better for it. The muted flavour of those blue fellas really complements the gin and lemon. Try it here.

Unicorn Tears

A little something for my sweet-lovin' ladies out there! Don't get bogged down in all the spiced rums and warm ciders that winter usually has to offer and try these sweet, refreshing cocktails that contain all that is good in life: Prosecco, gin, Chambord and Peach Schnapps. Perfect for a New Year's get together with the gals! Get the recipe here.

Hot Gin Mocha

The gin geniuses at Bombay Sapphire have expertly combined three of our favourite things - gin, chocolate and coffee - in one glass to bring us the ultimate winter warmer. To make three you'll need: 120ml Bombay Sapphire, 3 tablespoons of caster sugar, 75ml of Crème de Cacao, 3 shots of strong espresso and long shavings of dark chocolate to garnish. It's simply a case of combining the coffee with the sugar in a heated pan and pouring in the gin and Crème De Cacao. Once it's simmering, it's time to serve it up - preferably in a mug or a glass with a handle - and finish with the shavings of dark chocolate, the more the merrier!


Although this one reminds us of Spring, sometimes after all the richness of mulled wines and port, it's nice to get a bit of freshness tingling on the tastebuds. This cocktail combines 35ml Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin, 100ml Prosecco, 5ml sugar syrup and 10ml fresh apple juice, and is a light lift from the usual Christmas bevvies.

Berry and Rosemary Juniper Gin Cocktail

Jamie - Jamie Oliver, that is - calls his Juniper cocktail a "zippy herbaceous cocktail" that makes a welcome change from all the richness Christmas has to offer. King Jamie has spoken. Need we say more? Give it a go here.

Apple cider gin fizz

You can make non-alcoholic apple cider, but that's no fun, is it? And this recipe contains half a cup of gin, and only quarter of a cup of apple cider, which shows this is a cocktail that has got its measurements right. Camembert in one hand, strong gin apple cider in the other - this is Christmas dining at its finest. Recipe here.

The White Lady of Harrington

The White Lady cocktail may sound like it's the perfect cocktail for Halloween - and it is - but it's also a great winter drink in general for anyone who loves a sour cocktail. Because honestly, what other time of the year do we crack out the Cointreau than when it's freezing cold outside? Mix 10ml of the orange liquor with 40ml of Warner Edwards dry gin, 10ml Maraschino liqueur and 20ml lemon juice and voila - you've got yourself a White Lady.

Earl Grey Tea Cocktail

There's nothing us Brits love more than a cup of tea, right? Well, this cocktail combines the best of both worlds: a warming Earl Grey and a refreshing gin buzz. Much lighter than the heaviness that a Baileys and hot chocolate can bring, this is waaay less rich and lighter on calories. Hurrah! Try it out here.

Blackberry gin shooters

Just because it's winter doesn't mean we can't still live a little! So sure, let's get all the cocktails on the go, but in order to venture out in nothing but a midi dress in mid-December, we're going to need some shooters. Which is why these blackberry fellas are perf for a girls night out - hella tasty and, well, alcoholic. Get the recipe here.

What's your favourite gin winter warmer? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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