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15 Tequila Cocktails That Prove It's Actually Delicious

by Tolani Shoneye ,
15 Tequila Cocktails That Prove It's Actually Delicious© www.howsweeteats.com

When most of us think of tequila, memories of salt, shots and bad decisions come to mind. But now that we're grown ups (kinda) it's time to leave the past behind and realise that tequila is not the root of all evil, in fact it makes pretty amazing cocktails. Don't believe us? Try these delicious tequila based cocktails and fall in love with tequila all over again.

Enjoy tequila, the sensible way. Kinda.

1. ​Classic Margarita

The classic margarita made with fresh lime syrup is one of our favourite cocktails ever. Enjoy on the rocks in a salted rim glass.

Here’s the recipe.

2. The La Paloma Cocktail

The La Paloma cocktail is the most popular tequila based cocktail in Mexico so you KNOW it's going to be good. The mix of grape fruit and tequila, makes this a refreshing cocktail which compliments Mexican food perfectly.

Check out the recipe.

3. Spicy Tequila Sunrise

A tequila sunrise, with a pretty serious kick...

Here’s the recipe.

4. El Diablo Cocktail

A tequila based cocktail, muddled with blackberries and sage. The El Diablo, is a winner.

Check out the recipe.

5. The Salty Miami

Pimm’s o’clock just got so much better. This twist on the classic Pimm’s recipe swaps the gin for tequila. Niiiice.

Here’s how it's done.

6. Tequila Blackberry Lemonade

Just add blackberries, lemonade and tequila and you have a refreshing drink, you will want to be drinking all summer long. Don’t worry we won’t judge.

Check out the recipe.

7. Vanilla Pineapple Margaritas

The sweet tart of the pineapple, pairs perfectly with the vanilla and the tequila. Swap the the traditional salt rim of margaritas for a sugar rim for some extra sweetness.

Here’s the recipe.

8. Tequila Mojito Cocktail

The combination of smokey tequila, mint, lime and sugar makes this our new favourite mojito recipe. You have to try it.

Here's the recipe.

9. Pomegranate Margaritas

This cocktail really does taste as good as it looks. The lime, the pomegranate, the tequila - so much good stuff in one drink.

10. Orange Strawberry Tequila Fizz

With flavors of tequila, muddled strawberries, fresh orange juice, lemon and lime what's not to like about this cocktail. It’s refreshing and so delicious.

Check out the recipe.

11. Bloody Maria

Move over bloody Mary, it’s all about bloody Maria now.This Mexican remix uses bold ingredients to get the great flavour.

Check out the recipe.

12. Paloma Cooler

Talk about a sophisticated shot. This paloma cooler is easy to make and even easier to drink.

Here’s the recipe.

13. Pink Long Island Iced Tea

Tea-quila! You see what we did there. This recipe is just too pretty to not try it out. Get mixing.

Here’s the recipe.

14. Strawberry Coconut Magarita

Strawberries, coconuts and tequila make for a heavenly drink.

Check out the recipe.​

15. Tequila Sparkler

And you thought tequila couldn’t be classy. Team it up with some champagne, and strawberries and you have a sophisticated drink perfect for dinner parties.

Here’s the recipe.

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This article was written by Tolani Shoneye. Tweet her @tolly_t

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