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20 Ways To Pimp Up Your Picnic This Summer

by Pascale Day ,
20 Ways To Pimp Up Your Picnic This Summer© theknot.com

Ahh summer. The bees are out, the sun cream is on and the sunglasses are caught in our hair. There's nothin' quite like it! But to truly celebrate summer, Great British tradition deems you simply must have a picnic. Because if you don't picnic, how will you know summer was here at all? Here's our top tips for making your picnic the best in the whole damn park.

1. Picnic sign

First things first picnicers - if you're going to throw the picnic of the summer, you need to let your fellow blanket dwellers know where they need to go to get to your spot. Fields can be vast, sprawling spaces of never-ending greenness - you don't want to send your friends on a wild goose chase before theve y've set eyes on a cocktail sausage, right? These adorbs signs will help your buddies find you, no probs.

2. Pan Bagnat

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Pan Bagnat is French for "big sandwich" but that would be incorrect - turns out in the south of France it translates to "wet bread". But don't let the idea of a soggy loaf put you off - this is anything but that. A classic Pan Bagnat is typically loaded up with tuna, salad, boiled eggs and olives which all sits in a hollowed-out white loaf and topped with a bread lid. This is perf for picnics - all you need to do it wrap it in some cling film and slice at your ideal picnic location. Why make a whole bunch of tiny sandwiches when you can all dine out on one monstrous loaf?

3. Big sandwich

However, if the whole wet-bread-and-tuna thing doesn't really float your fancy, this regular big sandwich stuffed with cheese, meats and veggies might be more up your street.

4. Water dispenser

On a hot summer's day, there's nothing better than a tall, cold glass of water to quench your thirst. And the only thing better than that is when the water has a little hint of lemon. Grab yourself a water dispenser, fill it with the clear stuff and mix in some ice, slice up some lemons and chuck them in, too. Grab a few plastic cups and you're good to go. No one's gonna be mad that you brought the fancy water.

5. Salad cups

It's hard to take a salad from house to field without a French dressing-related disaster but these plastic salad cups are great for portioning out your salad and - and - is the perf storage place for your cutlery, too!

6. Cupcake case glass topper

You can't expect to enjoy a hot summer's day without the intrusion of a few creepy crawlies. It's just part of the deal of having a British summer. And those delicious sugary drinks that you enjoy so much? Bugs enjoy them so much, too. Keep those pesky wasps out of your beverages by placing a paper cupcake case over the top of your drink and poke a hole through it for your straw.

7. Floating candles

Bugs are not only there to drink your drinks but they're selfishly crashed your picnic party in the hope of feasting on their favourite dish - your lovely, human skin. Yes, mosquitoes are part and parcel of summer. So you could carry some bug repellent, which smells real bad and will make everyone move away from you, or you could take these super cute, easy-as-hell - dare we even say romantic - floating candle jars with citronella oil. Take that mozzies, ya b*stards.

8. Watermelon plates

If you're gonna have food at your picnic - and let's face it, you're gonna have food - then you need something to eat it off. A lap of coleslaw just won't do. These pretty watermelon paper plates will have everyone squealing over the cuteness and you can just chuck them in the bin when you're done. See ya later, washing up.

9. Balloon piñata

Kick your blanket-laying up a notch with this quick, fun piñata game: fill some balloons with water and attach them to a tree, blindfold a mate and get them to hit at the balloons with a bat. What a refreshing/surprising treat!

10. Picnic chairs

Sitting cross-legged on a blanket is not for everyone - pins and needles in both legs is just not ideal, especially for that game of rounders you've got planned for later. Fold up chairs are ideal for those who don't want to get that close to nature - and these ones have been easily pimped to look extra cute next to your picnic blankie.

11. Corn on the cob

Now, here's a trick we wish we'd known sooner. If you fancy making some corn on the cob for you and your guests but know that a cold cob just isn't the same, take a cool box with you, fill it with corn and cover with boiling water. Give it twenty mins and you'll have a delicious snack on your hands.

12. Mason jar trifle

After all those pork pies and scotch eggs, it's time to move on to the sweet treats. And what's more British than a delicious trifle? But again, not an easy dish to transport. The internet's solution? Shove that trifle into individual mason jars. No mess, and it looks awfully cute.

13. Picnic tent

Although we all love to enjoy the British summer weather when it's at its best, the sun itself can be a bit cumbersome at the height of the day. Take a lightweight sheet and swing it over a low-hanging tree branch to make a simple tent to shield yourself from that midday heat. Add a blanket and a couple of pillows and you'll be living like a queen.

14. Picnic hamper

If you're throwing a dinner party, you gotta have the goods to back it up - and the same rules apply when it comes to a picnic. A hamper is the best way to carry your cutlery, food and drinks to your desired picnicing spot - and you can get some super cute ones.

15. Sandwich skewers

Sandwiches are overrated. This year, it's all about the deconstructed sandwich - the sandwich skewer. Bread, ham, cheese, salad, avocado. Ideal for the fussy eaters among us.

16. Prosecco cupcakes

Well, it wouldn't be a true British picnic if there wasn't prosecco involved in one way or another, would it? The quintessential treat is obviously a cupcake topped with bubbling, boozy icing - what more would you want from a sweet snack?

17. Tear and share sausage roll

A sausage roll is the mascot of the humble picnic. When you think picnic your mind no doubt drifts almost immediately to those porky delights, the delicious flaky pastry getting stuck to your lips and caught in your hair. This tear and share sossy roll is the ultimate in sausage rolls, especially when you've got a whole bunch of friends sharing a blanket with you.

18. Picnic fire

You know what, who says picnics are exclusively for summer weather? If you fancy yourself a lovely autumnal blanket-fest then grab yourself a few logs, throw on an extra couple of layers, and head down to the park. Can't go wrong with a fire-brewed cup of tea, can you?

19. Tree chandelier

You know you're high maintenance when you can only do picnics with a tree chandelier. But, if basic isn't your taste, then this might be the (extravagant) thing to get you out into nature.

20. Fruit skewers

We're happy living off warm sausage rolls and gigantic scotch eggs for the entire summer, thank you very much. But if we absolutely have to add fruit to our picnic diet, then we'll happily accept these colourful fruit skewers as our five-a-day. If we must give up the pastry at times, we'd like to have something nice to look at while we do it.

Do you have any other great picnic ideas? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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