Egg recipes: Top Ten Eggceptional recipes

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 - Egg recipes: Top Ten Eggceptional recipes

If you don't like eggs then frankly there must be something wrong with you.

Packed with vitamins and nutrients, eggs are not only an incredibly healthy ingredient to but you can make just about anything with them.

Easy to use and versatile? What's the problem?

So to get cracking we thought we'd share our Top 10 tips for cooking eggs.

Some are a bit retro some are borderline sexy (chocolate mousse, mmmmm!) but we can guarantee they'll all be egg-actly what you're looking for.

Quick Egg guide

Boiled eggs

Still the best way to eat an egg!

3 minutes for a soft boiled egg (runny yolk)
6 minutes for a medium boiled egg (wobbly yolk)
9 minutes for a hard boiled egg (set yolk)

Serve with toast "soliders" or griddled asparagus spears
Fried eggs

Sunny side up = cooked on one side so the yolk is still runny
Over-easy = flip them over so they cook both sides (set yolk)

Cook after frying bacon for lovely crispy edges.

Serve on toast or ideally with a Full English: eggs, toast, sausages, bacon, hash browns, beans, black pudding and tomatoes. A Full English does NOT come with chips.
Poached eggs

Use very fresh eggs or the white will spread into the water - yuck! Break directly into boiling water and then take the pan off the heat. In the time it takes to toast a muffin your poached egg should be nicely set with a runny yolk.

Serve on a toasted muffin with Hollandaise sauce and smoked salmon or streaky bacon.
Scrambled eggs

Gently heat a knob of butter until it's melted, break in your eggs and immediately scramble using a wooden spoon (don't want to scratch your pan, now).

Some add a splash of milk, or even cream... most don't. Bit of salt and pepper and you're good to go.
2-egg omlette

In a bowl, lightly beat two eggs with a folk. Add some salt and pepper.
Heat a frying pan with a splash of olive oil or a knob of butter until very hot.
Pour in the eggs.
Use a spatular to push the eggs on the outside back towards the center allowing them to run back to the sides and reset.
Continue this all the way around until the omlette has set.

You can also put your omlette under the grill to finish cooking as this will make it rise.

Try adding cheese, mushrooms or peppers into the mix. Yummy.
Microwave eggs

Did you know you can microwave eggs? Create "poached" eggs by breaking an egg into a coffee cup and blasting for 3x ten seconds. Make sure to open the door after each 10 or your egg will explode.

You can also make scrambled eggs in the microwave but be sure to remove and beat the mixture every 20 seconds or so, to avoid a dry inedible egg concrete.



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