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Fruits at a glance


Simply scrumptious: our favourite food blogs

Food blogs are, like all blogs, really, a relatively recent phenomenon. Yet there are tens of thousands of them out there, and more springing up every day...


Plum recipes: seasonal temptations

Recipes for delicious plum crumbles, tarts, jams and savoury dishes.


Summer fruits for sunny days

Make the most of all the colourful fruits in season with our sweet and savoury recipes.


Making jam

Jam on your morning toast or afternoon scone is a comfort and a treat, and when you can say your blueberry jam is home made it's an added source of pride! Making your very own...


Ice cream

Summer, the sun, bikinis and ice cream! What’s more refreshing than a cold ice cream when the temperature rises? And today, with ice cream makers more easily available, making...



Round and juicy, reminiscent of summer and bright dishes. This essential ingredient of Italian cooking is one of the most popular vegetables - although it is in fact a fruit!


How to make candied fruit

Bright colours, funny shapes, soft texture and flavours from yesteryear...candied fruit remains a favourite, especially on special occasions. But we rarely dare make it ourselves...


7 Smoothies You Have To Try

Delicious and healthy, here are 7 smoothies you have to try, one for each day of the week.



Green, black, crimson, natural, stoned, crushed, tinned, preserved, fresh from the market or the tree, olives are a delicacy, especially in Southern Europe. The olive is a very...



What better than an ice-cold milkshake in summer? Flavours and combinations are endless, though vanilla, fruit and chocolate remain favourites. Milkshakes are very simple to make...


Home-made jam

Check out our selection of recipes for sweet, acidic and even minty jams.



Love strawberries? Join the club! Indulge your cravings with our delicious strawberry recipes, and check out our guide to the varieties of strawberries and cooking with them.


Mouthwatering strawberry desserts

The possibilities for yummy strawberry puddings are endless, but here are our personal favourites for you to road test!


Healthy puds for sweet tooths!

Try out our recipes for light, tasty desserts to refresh and surprise, plus healthy versions of some classic puds.


Citrus fruit

Citrus fruits originate from South East Asia and were introduced to Europe in the Middle Ages (except for the citron, traces of which were found in BC Europe). Here's our guide...


Whipped cream

Eating whipped cream feels like eating a fresh, soft, sweet cloud. It's a calorific bomb, but so good it's hard to resist! Whipped cream was first invented in 1660 by Vatel in...


All about tropical fruit

There are so many out there we don't even know what some of them are, let alone how to tell when they're ripe and how to cook with them! Here's a panorama of our favourite exotic...