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28 Awesome Gifts Every Gin Lover Needs In Their Life

by Maria Bell ,
28 Awesome Gifts Every Gin Lover Needs In Their Life

Gin isn't just a drink, it's a way of life, so do yourself a favour and let these gin gifts become part of yours.

Sometimes we'll look down at our half-drunk glass of G&T and wonder how no human *gets* us like it does.

​That's because if we're honest, gin is the most consistent thing in our lives. It's been with us since we thought we were dead sophisticated ordering a G&T at Spoons when we were barely 18. When we were in our sweats at 7pm shrieking along to Mariah Carey after a hard day at work. And for just about every evening during the summer for the last 10 years...

It's been there. It's seen things. But not only that, with sloe gin it CATERS FOR EVERY DAMN SEASON, and what else in your life can you say does all of that? ​

So now that we've had our little epiphany, it's time to honour this incredible spirit in the only way we know how. Dedicating our entire existence to it in cutesy memorabilia. Join us. It just looks so good.

1. Life Without Gin Cushion, £16.00

Can't you see this reclining perfectly on your sofa already?

2. Full of Christmas Spirit Gin Jumper, £29.00

We all know the real meaning of Christmas...

3. 'Gin Is Liquid Sanity' Gin Print, £15.00


4. Will Flirt For Gin Badge, £2.49

Never has a sentiment been more true...

5. More Gin Please Cross Stitch Craft Kit, £8.95

Nothing says homely like witty quips about alcoholism.

6. Tick Box Enamel Mug, £14.75

The perfect checklist.

7. Sod The Gym Shopper Bag, £18.00

Our attitude to exercise perfectly expressed on one convenient tote.

8. G&T Chopping Board, £35.00

One of life's essentials.

9. Upcycled Hendricks Candle, £18.00

Anything containing the word 'upcycled' is dead classy right?

10. Hendricks Cucumber Hot House Gin, £16.53

It's a mini Hendricks and mini cucumber growing kit - nothing is better than that.

11. Time For The Gin White Unisex Tee, £12.00

If you're going to wear a 'statement' tee, might as well make a worthwhile statement.

12. Gin Teapot, £62.00

Tea AND gin? Does it get much better?

13. Gin O'clock, £35.00

This is a pretty accurate depiction of our lives...

14. Dark Chocolate Gin and Tonic

Award winning chocolate and gin. Need we say more?

15. Gin Quote, £12.95

If you were ever in doubt. Don't be.

16. Pat Butcher Gin & Tonic Tee, £15.47

Words cannot describe how brilliant this is.

17. Gin Is My Tonic Apron, £18.00

This could work as everyday wear right?

18. Personalised Fill My Drink Coaster, £4.95

Because sometimes, inanimate objects know you better than you know yourself.

19. Gin & Bear It T-shirt, £16.00

Our weekday motto.

20. Personalised Gin Glass, £12.00

Because nothing is more personal than your name on your gin.

21. 'GnT' Periodic Sign, £15.00

You're sophisticated and what of it.

22. Mummy Gin Teal Towel, £10.99

Think this one speaks for itself.

23. Gin O'clock Mug, £12.50

There's just something about slogan mugs that make everything OK.

24. Handmade Rustic Wooden Gin & Tonic, £4.50

It's just so cute.

25. Happy Birthday...Gin Card, £2.99

Took the words right out of my mouth.

26. The Spirit Of Gin Book For Gin Lovers, £16.99

Coffee table fodder at its finest.

27. Kitchen Wall Gin Quote Sticker, £16.99

Quotes aren't just for Instagram, they're for interiors too.

28. Gin and Tonic Lip Balm, £6.99

Trust us, these are better than they first sound.

Check out the whole selection here:

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