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Don’t Stay Calm! Gin Production Is In A ‘Critical State’

by Maria Bell ,
Don’t Stay Calm! Gin Production Is In A ‘Critical State’

We hate to be the ones to break it to you…but our beloved gin is in trouble.

Yep, gin production is in danger, and we don’t actually know how to deal with this news. The thought of having to drink vodka, or worst rum is breaking our hearts.

Rumour has it that Britain's native juniper population, an essential ingredient in gin making, is at risk of dying out, with overgrazing and a new fungal disease threatening its existence. *SOBS*

According to a study by PlantLife Scotland 79% of juniper plants recorded were "mature, old or dead". SAY IT ISN’T SO! Yes juniper can still be imported from elsewhere in Europe, but it won’t have the distinctive taste that makes it British.*WEEPS*

Excuse us while we go and stock up for the sad times that we have ahead of us.

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Maria Bell
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