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Pizza Ice Cream Now Exists, Because Of Course It Does

by Pascale Day ,
Pizza Ice Cream Now Exists, Because Of Course It Does© instagram.com/littlebabysic

In summer, there's nothing better than a scoop of ice cream or two to cool us down on those balmy June afternoons. And we're down with the unique flavours - gin and tonic sorbet? Uhh, yes please! But now ice creameries are taking two of our favourite foods and combining them for summer. World, get ready for pizza ice cream.

Ask any millennial what their favourite thing in the world is and I can guarantee their answer: pizza. If millennials had a flag, then pizza would be the emblem at its centre. It has managed to integrate itself into everything we do and wear and eat. Even a day out can be totally based around where the best place to get a slice is. So it only makes sense that pizza hybrids have started making their way to the mainstream, and we've found the best/weirdest one yet: pizza ice cream.

Yep, ya heard. The taste of delicious pizza blended with the cold refreshing creaminess of ice cream. Sounds... interesting.

We first heard of the phenomenon a couple of years ago when American ice cream innovators Coolhaus began selling the flavour. The brand don't shy away from unusual flavours - right now they're currently peddling avocado sea salt, fried chicken and waffles, and the rather enigmatically named 'Jewish Deli' - and make their pizza flavour with a mascarpone and olive oil base, adding sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and a pinch of salt to finish.

But Little Baby's Ice Cream has taken our slice obsession to new heights. The Philadelphia-based ice creamery makes its version using tomato, oregano, basil, salt and garlic, and you could have it in a cone, but why have it in a cone when you could eat it on top of an actual slice of pizza? Yes, this place offer a scoop with an actual side of slice. Now that's doing pizza ice cream the right way.

Little Baby's is also no stranger to a weird flave - check out 'Everything Bagel' and 'Oyster - but unfortunately you'll have to make your way across the pond to try them. But don't worry, us Brits are quick to catch a trend, so no doubt you'll be seeing pizza ice cream everywhere very soon.

Would you try pizza ice cream? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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