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It Took This Man Six Months To Make A Sandwich And All Its Ingredients From Scratch

by Tolani Shoneye ,
It Took This Man Six Months To Make A Sandwich And All Its Ingredients From Scratch© Youtube

Give us sliced bread, chicken, butter and about 3 minutes and you'll have a pretty tasty sandwich on your hand. But the same doesn't go for Andy George, who grew his own veggies, made his own cheese, bread and killed a chicken to make the ultimate homemade sandwich.

Andy George of How To Make Everything has made it his personal aim to find out the complex process behind making the most simple products.

And this time he has decided to find out what it takes to make a chicken sandwich. He aims to find out how you can make the seeming simple dish if you were to make every single ingredient from scratch, from the cheese to the vegetables.


Not only does he grow his own garden to make the vegetables...the easy part. He travels to the Pacific Ocean to source clean sea water to make his salt. He milks a cow to make his cheese of course, harvests wheat for his bread, collects honey for his butter, and actually kills a chicken with his bare hands. A process which took him 6 months.

And after all that his verdict on the sandwich was...drum roll please! NOT BAD. "It's not bad. Six months of my life were not bad."

Could have just gone to Tesco to be fair. It's 3 quid for a meal deal. That's a sandwich packet of crisp and a drink. But good effort.

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Tolani Shoneye
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