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There's A New Anti-Ageing Gin And We Need It In A Hip Flask ASAP

by Pascale Day ,
There's A New Anti-Ageing Gin And We Need It In A Hip Flask ASAP

We all wanna have a vigorous anti-ageing routine that works wonders, but who's got time for that? It takes years to reverse the years. And we'd much rather be sat in a beer garden with a drink than inside with a face mask on. But seems like someone is looking out for us, because now anti-ageing alcohol is actually a thing.

We literally couldn't ask for anything more in life than the chance to drink alcohol and look younger because of it. A new gin - rather aptly named "CollaGin" - is 40% proof and distilled with pure collagen, a protein that is know for its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If a gin and collagen cocktail doesn't float your boat, you'll be happy to know that the spirit also contains star anise and pink grapefruit, which not only complement the flavour but are also great botanicals for improve the look of your skin.

But whilst we're totally down with mixing this with tonic water and a chunky slice of lime, is there any truth to the claim that this gin can keep youth on your side? Well, according to a study on liquid collagen drinks in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology last year shows that those who take daily collagen supplements do have more hydrated skin.



CollaGin gin is made by spirits company Young In Spirit LTD, and is the follow up to their hugely popular Anti-aGin which was released last year. This skin gin is just £34.99 for 50cl, which when you think about it is a small price to pay for looking young forever. It's like a magic, Death-Becomes-Her type elixir that tastes like an English Garden - now that's what we call a happy hour.

Would you give this gin a go? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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Pascale Day
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