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This British Supermarket Is Selling A Massive Magnum Of Prosecco For Just £14

by Rose Adams ,
This British Supermarket Is Selling A Massive Magnum Of Prosecco For Just £14

Prosecco princesses among us it's time to grab a flute and pour it up, because this news will have you positively fizzing with excitement. You can now buy a giant magnum of prosecco for just £14 thanks to this popular supermarket's price crunch - and just in time for the weekend too! More wine for your wonga? I can feel the headache coming on already.

A crisp glass of Prosecco is always a good idea, whether that be Friday night with your pals, a weekend BBQ or er, a Wednesday evening. But those bubbles come at a price and during these tough times we're all desperately trying to save for that holiday, deposit, and multiple Missguided sprees; any opportunity where we can scrimp and save is more than welcome.

Well friends, Asda have only gone and delivered the goods. The supermarket giant must've heard the screech of our purse strings tightening because they're selling a whole magnum of prosecco at a fraction of the usual price, meaning plenty more bubbles for your buck.

Generally, a bottle of sparkling wine will cost around £9 for 750ml, but Asda have slashed the price of their humongous magnum bottles to just £14, and we could pop with excitement.

The giant 1.5 litre bottle in question is the Fillipo Sansovino brand, which is described as a “deliciously soft and appley Prosecco from Italy” which not only sounds yum, but will also make you sound hella fancy when you turn up to that summer BBQ clutching it under your arm. It's a win win. Fill your basket with it here.

Liquid lunches all round!

Will you be hot footing it to Asda this weekend? Let us know @SoFeminineUK

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Rose Adams
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