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Coronation Street 16/08 - Eva Departs

by Pascale Day ,
Coronation Street 16/08 - Eva Departs

Coronation Street Episode Guide – Wednesday 16th August.


As Norris goes to open up, he’s horrified to discover a break in. As the police survey the ransacked Kabin, they point out there’s no sign of a forced entry. When Rita discovers £100 stolen from her purse, she realises someone has been in her bag and could have used her keys to the shop. Rita confronts Gemma and accuses she and her friends of stealing from her. Distraught at Rita’s accusation, Gemma tearfully assures her she would never steal from her but will Rita accept this?

Gary meets up with Joe and secretly signs the documents for his job in the Ukraine. When upbeat Sarah tells him they’ve got an appointment for the Parent Support session, Gary covers his guilt, hoping he’ll be back by then.

Eva tells Maria that as her bridesmaid and best friend, she’d like her to take over the wedding planning and hen do while she’s away. Maria’s stunned. Whilst Maria moans about her role as wedding planner, Aidan tells her she got it wrong and there’s nothing going on between Eva and Adam. As Eva leaves for France what is her game?

When Tracy hears that Norris and Mary are getting married, she reckons it’s a wind up and makes jibes at the pair, suggesting the wedding will be nothing more than a circus. Desperate to protect Mary, Norris says he couldn’t be happier. David arrives home to find Bethany styling Shona’s hair. Shona quickly goes while Bethany tells David how Shona was helping take her mind off the trial.

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