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Coronation Street 17/05 - Bitter Nick Puts Leanne On The Spot

by Pascale Day ,
Coronation Street 17/05 - Bitter Nick Puts Leanne On The Spot

Coronation Street Episode Guide – Wednesday 17th May.


Nick is furious after hearing how Leanne went round to Chloe’s, nailing her colours to Peter’s mast. As the Battersbys and Platts gather in the bistro for Oliver’s naming ceremony Nick is nowhere to be seen. David finds him drunk and wallowing in self pity. David urges his brother to be grateful for what he’s got. Meanwhile Liz is furious to learn that her grandson’s naming ceremony is taking place and she hasn’t been invited. Dragging a reluctant Steve to the bistro, Liz tears a strip off Leanne. With everyone at each other's throats and Nick a no show will the naming ceremony go ahead?

Adam confides in Rosie that he reckons it was Daniel who pushed Ken.

When Nathan suggests they throw another party for his friends, Bethany masks her dismay. When Bethany then receives a text from Sarah inviting her to a wedding fair, she begs Nathan to let her go, suggesting they could postpone to the party. Will Nathan agree?

Making out he’s busy with wedding plans, Johnny declines Kate’s invitation to lunch. However when she finds out Johnny is lying Kate’s concerned. Mary returns from the Lakes with an injured Norris who’s expecting Mary to look after him. Faye tells Anna she’s going to stay with Izzy.​​​

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