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Coronation Street 24/02 – Phelan makes his intentions clear

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 18/02/2014 at 01:00
Coronation Street 24/02 – Phelan makes his intentions clear © ITV Pictures

Coronation Street Episode Guide – Monday 24th February


Episode One

Anna tells Izzy how much she is dreading dinner with Phelan. Phelan is pleased when he receives a text from Anna telling him to come over. She tells him to stop flirting with her, but Phelan has other ideas. He moves in for a kiss, but will Anna be able to fight off his advances?

Norris knows that Rita is desperately hurt. When Tina, Emily and Mary call in the Kabin offering birthday presents and sympathy, will Rita’s brave face slide?

Sean confesses to Eileen that he knew he would never have had a chance with Todd because Todd’s in love with someone else. Will Eileen work out who it is?

Elsewhere, Mary and Chesney are pleased that Roy is getting back on track, and Kal tells Dev he’s borrowed money from his dad for the gym.

Episode Two

Anna spits in Phelan’s face as he tries it on. She is obviously shaken and pretends to be ill so she doesn’t have dinner with the Phelans without her. Noticing that Anna’s upset, Izzy asks Phelan if he tried it on with her. Anna denies anything happened.

Eileen tries to quiz Todd about Marcus, but he refuses to talk about it. Eileen is sure something is happened, and gets Marcus to admit he slept with Todd. She decides to confront her son, but can she persuade him to leave Marcus alone?

Rita reveals to Norris that she feels humiliated by Dennis but decides to meet her friends for a birthday drink. She thanks Norris for being there for her.

Elsewhere, Kal introduces his Dad to Stella and Dev, and Fix and Jenna are hopeful that Roy is getting back to himself, before he refuses to get rid of Hayley’s things.

Anna feels threatened © ITV Pictures
Anna feels threatened
Emmy Griffiths
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