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Coronation Street 31/01 – The community says goodbye to Hayley

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 21 January 2014
Coronation Street 31/01 – The community says goodbye to Hayley© ITV Pictures

Coronation Street Episode Guide – Friday 31st January


Episode One

Tyrone is shocked to hear that Hayley took her own life, and Roy is refusing to attend the funeral. Carla orders him to get dressed, and they join the residents as Hayley’s coffin arrives. Fiz speaks fondly about Hayley at the service, but Roy feels like he can’t remain silent anymore. Will he speak out about Hayley’s final act?

Sophie visits to homeless shelter to see a bruised Maddie. Maddie’s annoyed to find that Sophie’s been checking up on her, and wanting to help, Sophie follows her as she rushes out.

Leanne suggests Nick moves back into Victoria Court whilst she and Simon stay with Stella when he feels like he’s burdening his family.

Elsewhere, Rob’s put out when Tracy rejects his offer of a night on the town so she can spend time with Amy. Caterers fail to deliver food to Hayley’s wake, so Steve improvises a spread at The Rovers with Andrea’s help.

Episode Two

Roy tells the congregation about Hayley’s goodness, but feels overwhelmed with well-wishes afterwards and escapes the wake. Anna and Fiz go looking for him, and find a note left from him at the café…

Sophie is left shocked by Maddie’s kiss, and tells Steph about it. Steph realises that Sophie likes Maddie – will she ask her out?

Rob asks if he can spend time with Tracy and Amy, and the group have a great evening together.

Elsewhere, Michelle and Lloyd arrive at the Rovers to find everything well with the food, and Steve gushing over Andrea.

Fiz talks about Hayley but Roy interrupts © ITV Pictures
Emmy Griffiths
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