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50 Quotes To Boost Your Body Confidence

by Maria Bell ,
50 Quotes To Boost Your Body Confidence

Women's relationships with their bodies can be tough but we're here to tell you that no matter who you are or how you feel, your body is something to be damn proud of and if you haven't realised it yet, these quotes will help...

Body confidence isn't something that comes naturally to the majority of us. There's a lot of things in this world that can make you inferior but we've had ENOUGH of that negativity. Sometimes all you need to snap out of it is some real talk.

Now more than ever women everywhere are coming together to celebrate their bodies and about time too, ​because we all deserve to feel beautiful in our own skin.

​All you need is little bit of encouragement! And because we all know how much us girls just LOVE a good, motivational, self-love quote, here's 50 of em!

As for those perfect beauty ideals? Eff. Them.

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