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13 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl Who's Had Cosmetic Surgery

by Lareese Craig ,
13 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl Who's Had Cosmetic Surgery

Having plastic surgery can be a personal subject but that doesn’t stop some people from giving their two cents. Here's a little check list of the things you should never say to a girl who's had cosmetic surgery. Peace. Out.

Whether you're intrigued or offended by cosmetic surgery, one thing's for sure: it's one hell of a conversation starter. Unfortunately, sometimes that conversation isn't always a well-received one...

From making assumptions on why you decided to get cosmetic surgery, to deciding you must be an insecure narcissist who earns too much moolah, here's the things to NEVER say to a girl who's had cosmetic surgery.

1. "What did your parents think?"

Because we're obviously one huge disappointment aren't we.

2. "You must be pretty insecure"

Yep, we're so vain and insecure, we're not sure how you we ever made any friends.

3. "Bra shopping must be so much fun"

It isn't. Good, well-fitting bras are expensive and hard to come by.

4. "I prefer the 'natural' look"

Good. For. You. You go be perfectly natural and STOP judging us for getting a little help. How about that?

5. "Real beauty’s on the inside"

Ah, another one that just loves to take the moral high ground. We get it, it's never gonna sound good or make you popular if you say you know what, appearances are important to you.

6. "Oh, you've had work done?"

And that changes things how exactly?

7. "You don't look like you anymore"

And the award for the most offensive comment of the year goes to...

8. "It cost how much?! You must be made of money"

Wrong. We actually just saved for a really long time, like anything else that's important to us.

9. "You looked better before"

The words every girl wants to hear after she's spent her life savings on Botox and boobs.

10. "You would have snapped out of it"

How long is too long to be unhappy? Deep routed issue - hating your boobs or wishing your nose was different every time you looked in the mirror - they don't always fade away with age and wisdom. If only!

11. "There's more to life than appearances"

Phew, I'm so glad you told us that. Without you our lives would have been one big meaningless journey to and from the Mac store.

12. "Let's compare..."

As much as we LOVE to join in the fun, it requires a certain amount of alcohol in order for us to feel totally at ease with girls touching and comparing our breasts. Coming up to us and groping our boobs – it’s never gonna be OK. Strangers you've been warned, BFFs you should know better

13. "What else are you going to get done?"

Right, we looked better before but now you're hoping we get addicted so we can go too far and you can say "I told you so." Is that what's happening here?

Have you had cosmetic surgery? What things would you really rather was left unsaid? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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