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I'll take two big bushy ones please: The rise of the eyebrow transplant

by Ursula Dewey Published on 24 January 2014
I'll take two big bushy ones please: The rise of the eyebrow transplant© Getty

Thick, full, bushy and big. That's all a girl wants these days. And no, we're not talking about Fanuary (Google it). The latest cosmetic beauty trend that's raising brows isn't botox, it's the eyebrow transplant. We're totally blaming Cara Delevingne for this insanity.

Eyebrow trends only go one of two ways. Thin and spindly or big and bushy. And right now the trend for the latter isn't going anywhere.

It started with Cara Delevingne's heavy set arches and then Lily Collins made us love the trend all the more. There's literally ​nothing women want more than furry frames - hence the massive increase in demand for eyebrow transplants.

Since 2010 when Cara first came to our attention, Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group have seen a 45 per cent increase in enquiries for eyebrow transplants, with most of these coming from women aged 30 with a history of tweezer obsession. Yep, the over-plucked look is officially over and for those who've over indulged the management of their stray hairs, an eyebrow transplant will set them back by £1,500.

But what the hell is an eyebrow transplant we hear you cry? Well, it's essentially it's a Wayne Rooney hair transplant on your face.

Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Mabroor Bhatty explains: "Eyebrow transplant procedures are performed in the same way as a hair transplant, by taking a strip of hair from the donor site; usually at the back of the head at the lower hair margin, where the hair is finer.

Cara Delevingne © Getty
Cara Delevingne

"​This strip is divided into single hair follicles before each follicle is individually transplanted to incisions made in the eyebrows.

"As is the case with a standard hair transplant, it is normal to see hairs falling out for the first six weeks. However, new hair will grow on average between two to three months after the procedure, creating the desired thickening effect.”

We think we'll leave it for now. If you're looking to thicken up your brows in a budget-friendly fashion then check out our video on how to achieve the perfect Scouse brow.

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Ursula Dewey
Ursula Dewey - Published on 24 January 2014
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