Surgery free weight loss treatments: What are the options?
Surgery free weight loss: What are the options?

Surgery free weight loss: What are the options?

Laser Liposuction (aka Vaser)

Sometimes no matter how hard we exercise and how sensibly we diet, there are some areas of stubborn localised fat that just won't shift. Yep we're talking about those pesky love handles and that extra layer on our tummies that just wants to stay put.

One non surgical weight loss treatment that can give great results is Laser Liposuction - and it's becoming increasingly popular.

This is largely due to new technological advances in equipment, making it a state of the art procedure that's safer and more efficient than conventional lipo.
Unlike traditional Liposuction, laser Liposuction doesn't involve a general anaesthetic or a an overnight stay in a hospital and it's viewed by medical experts as less invasive and less aggressive.

What do the experts say?

Dr Robin Stones, Medical Director of Court House Clinics says: "Conventional Liposuction is fairly brutal due to size of the suction catheter used and purely physical treatment. It is also not very refined in terms of shaping the body contours. It also carries a greater risk of complications and there is a lot of discomfort and down time for the patient.

Newer procedures such as Vaser (laser Liposuction) carry fewer risks and are done under local anaesthesia."

But how does it work? Dr. Stones explains: "The use of ultrasound or laser breaks down the fat making it easier to remove through a smaller catheter. High-definition Vaser is a refined technique that can accurately sculpt the body profile to a client’s specification e.g. define pecs or sculpt a 6 pack.”

Laser Liposuction involves making tiny incisions in the skin (2-3 milimeters across) which is where the optic laser is inserted.

The laser emits energy to help break down the fat cells, essentially melting the fat so it can easily be removed from the body.

The surgeon will then extract the fat by inserting a fine cannula in the same incision. The Laser is then re-introduced to stimulate skin contraction and tightening to ensure that a great final result is achieved and you are not left with loose skin once the fat has been removed.

The length of the procedure time depends on how many areas you're having treated. Usually no more than two areas are performed at the same time as this is quite an intricate process.

On average, between 500mls and one litre of fat can be realistically removed at one time. For that reason people are often keen to come back for more treatment on different areas”.

As you might expect, the most popular areas for Vaser treatment include the stomach, love handles and the inner and outer thighs. But it is also good at tackling smaller fat deposits around the chin and jowls, neck and even ankles.


Local anaesthetic only No overnight hospital stay needed Good for smaller and more intricate stubborn areas May stimulate skin contraction Less disruptive to everyday life and busy schedules


Risk of incisions becoming infected
Risk of uneven finish
Small risk of burning or scarring caused by the heat emitted by the laser

Recovery time:

After laser Liposuction you can rest in a room afterwards for a short time after the procedure and normal activities can usually be resumed the following day. Some patients may experience a little bruising, swelling and tenderness for a few days.

Your Doctor or Surgeon will usually advise you to wear a compression garment for seven days, 24 hours a day and then for another seven days during the daytime.

This is to help reduce the swelling. It is advisable to avoid vigorous exercise (running, gym) or sports for seven days after this procedure. Providing your job is not too physically demanding, you should be able to return to work the next day!


With Laser Liposuction patients can usually see a result from day one as the fat has been removed from the area treated but the results do improve gradually over a number of weeks.

The full results may take up to six to twelve months to be seen.

Costs for Laser Liposuction starts at around £1,995 per area 

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