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These Penis Cakes Are Taking America By Storm

by Pascale Day ,
These Penis Cakes Are Taking America By Storm

Listen, give us a d*ck-shaped cake and we'll show you a happy bunch of women. That's why we're loving the look of these popular Taiwanese phallic treats - and it seems other people are too with customers queuing round the block to get a cheeky taste of these cream-covered cock cakes.

These sweet treats and are made by filling batter with chocolate sauce and using a device similar to a waffle iron to cook them. Then, once these d*cks are cooked to perfection, they pop a stick right up there between the two veg to lollify it. But before eager customers can gobble it up, it's covered in some suspicious looking white icing to top it off. Voila!

The unusual Taiwanese dessert has attracted fans far and wide at their regular spot at Arcadia 626 market in Los Angeles. But it turns out not everyone is happy with the sweet treats - the creator of the peen cakes said that despite the major love for d-cakes, their cheeky treats have left some unhappy customers clutching at their pearls - and they have even been reported to the police. Some people just can't handle the D.


Would you give one of these a go? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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Pascale Day
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