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You Can Now Buy A Lollipop Shaped Like Donald Trump's Head - And All The Profits Go To Planned Parenthood

by Pascale Day ,
You Can Now Buy A Lollipop Shaped Like Donald Trump's Head - And All The Profits Go To Planned Parenthood

"Trump sucks" is a phrase that is uttered across the world on a daily basis. Whether it's talking about reproductive rights, immigration or healthcare, the same iteration enters our brain as soon as the ol' Donny opens his mouth: Trump sucks. He sucks real bad. So we're glad there's finally a sweet treat that fully embodies this sentiment: ladies and gents, we give you the 'Trump Sucks' lollipop.

Unlike anything that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth, you can believe us when we say that Smith & Sinclair's 'Trump Sucks' lollipops are delicious. The self-confessed 'adult play pioneers' have created the sweet treat as part of National 'Something On A Stick' Day, and it gives you the chance to literally bite the head off the most hated US prez of all time.

The Trump Sucks lollipop comes in two tasty flaves: Butterscotch & Sea Salt and Strawberry & Mint - which I think you'll agree is much more palatable than the politics of the guy whose head your munching on. And the best thing about these Prez Trump pops? One hundred percent of the proceeds go to the non-profit organisation International Planned Parenthood Federation.

In January, President Trump reinstated the Global Gag Rule, which bans international organisations from receiving US funding if they provide abortion services. "The global gag rule will cause clinic closures around the world, resulting in more unintended pregnancy and unsafe abortion, not less," Latanya Mapp Frett, executive director of Planned Parenthood Global said in a statement at the time. And so, for just £5 a pop, you're getting a tasty treat whilst also supporting an organisation that helps vulnerable women around the world. And really, what sweeter revenge is there than that?


You can buy 'Trump Sucks' lollipops here. You can find out more about International Planned Parenthood Federation and what they do here.

What do you think about 'Trump Sucks' lollies? Are you buying, like, a hundred? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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Pascale Day
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