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'Healthier' Kit Kats Are Due To Hit The Shops And We Will Not Stand For It

by Pascale Day ,
'Healthier' Kit Kats Are Due To Hit The Shops And We Will Not Stand For It© We Heart It

First it was Creme Eggs, now it's Kit Kats. Yup, Nestle have pulled a Cadbury and changed up the recipe for our favourite four finger snack bar and we are (rightfully) livid. Extra milk and cocoa has usurped some of the sugar content to make 'healthier' chocolate, and the new bar is due to be rolled out this week.

No one wants their chocolate bar to be healthy. We expect it to be a naughty little treat, which is why we plan our chocolate bar-eating days around our gym sched. But the folks at Nestle are set on making us hate all our favourite unhealthy snacks, apparently.

The confectionary company have cut the sugar content in Kit Kats by 10%, changing their well-loved recipe for the first time in decades. And the new bars are due to be rolled out this week. This week! Thanks for the heads up Nestle - we've barely had time to come to terms with the fact that our delicious sugary Kit Kats are being replaced, and now we can't even stock up on the remainder of the bars in the shops before the healthy version is pushed on us, because you've basically stocked our supermarket shelves with them already, you bunch of sneaky Petes.


Actually, that's not strictly true. Before you start worrying that Nestle have laced your chocolate faves with spinach, it's important to note that these bars aren't healthy, they're just a little bit healthier. By upping the milk and cocoa content and cutting back on the sweet stuff, Nestle have actually only reduced the sugar content in Kit Kats by 0.7g, from 22g to 21.3g. The amount of calories has gone from 213 to 209. So only four kcals difference. Was it worth it, Nestle? Was it?

What do you make of this new Kit Kat? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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