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The best diets for weight loss

Raw Food Diet: The ultimate detox

You don't have to love cooking to get the best out of your food - sometimes raw is best. Find out all the benefits of going raw.

Eating Mindfully: Is This The Simplest Way To Lose Weight Ever?

If we told you that you never need diet again, that all it takes is a two second switch in your brain to make you lose weight almost instantly, you’d laugh right? Well, laugh...

10 best weight-loss diets for 2013

If your New Year's resolution to lose those extra pounds you'll want to check out these brand new diets

Biggest loser diet

If you've ever watched the US TV hit weight-loss show then you'll know that this diet can make you shed some serious poundage - find out how to do the diet right here.

Dairy Free Diet

Cutting out dairy from your diet might sound more pain than gain but trust us, if Megan Fox can look this good 3 months post pregnancy, cutting out the milk might be a good idea...

Cabbage Soup Diet

It's a great quick fix, but the Cabbage Soup diet isn't for long term weight loss. Find out more about the diet...

The Baby Food Diet

Heard of the baby food diet craze and want to know more? Find out everything you need to know about the baby food diet!

Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge Diet is great for fast weight loss, but is it worth it?

Japanese diet

Did you know the average Japanese person eats about 25% fewer calories a day than an average American? We're loving the Japanese diet!

The Gluten Free Diet

It's essential if you have coeliac disease - but can a gluten free diet help you lose weight?