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Dry January's over! Celebrate with this exclusive cocktail. Cheers!

by Maria Bell ,
Dry January's over! Celebrate with this exclusive cocktail. Cheers!© Getty

Any mad-woman that tried #dryjanuary will know, cocktails really are one of the best things in the world. Thankfully our time sipping on coconut water and juice has finally come to an end and we can all get back on drinking the strong stuff. So to celebrate, we talked to Tim Homewood to get a special, exclusive cocktail for you guys. Now, by no means are we advocating drinking...but pass us the bottle eh?

Although cutting down on your drinking is probably a good thing for your health, we can't help but think that 'everything in moderation' is a much better way to live than just cutting it out altogether - for 31 days *shudder*.

So with that in mind, here's our new favourite cocktail to get you back on the wagon.

Sofeminine French 75

This drink was exclusively made for you, our loyal readers, by mixologist and Brand Ambassador for Tanqueray No. Ten, Tim Homewood and boy do you need to thank him. The delicate flavour of champagne combined with the zing of lemon and gin makes a refreshing, elegant cocktail that's well worth the hell of last month's wait.

15mls Sugar Syrup,
25mls Lemon Juice,
50mls Tanqueray No TEN
Top with Champagne/Prosecco

Add first three ingredients to shaker, fill with ice and shake. Strain into a champagne coupe and top with fizz! Garnish with a Grapefruit zest.

Got a taste for it? Why not take a look at some of our other cocktails and celebrate in style! Let us know how it goes by tweeting us @sofeminineUK.

Maria Bell
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