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Starbucks Launch New Coffee That Tastes Like Guinness. Right...

by Maria Bell ,
Starbucks Launch New Coffee That Tastes Like Guinness. Right...© Getty

Everyone knows that a Starbucks latte is every basic b*tch's liquid crack but in a somewhat maverick move, the coffee giant have released a new latte which is set to send their loyal fan-base into total meltdown...Enter the Dark Barrel Latte, inspired by (wait for it) craft beers. Riiight.

The new Dark Barrel Latte is supposed to be a warming mix of malt and flavored coffee syrup, dripping with caramel sauce and all topped with whipped cream. Sounds err, interesting.

They're currently testing it out in Florida and Ohio but seeing how Starbuck's fans are mainly made up of pepped up tweens and profreshers on their way to the office, we're wondering just how successful this boozed up beverage is going to be.

So far the reaction has been mixed:

Malt. Vinegar.

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This article was written by Maria Bell, follow her on Twitter at @Marrbell.

Maria Bell
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