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Eastenders 01/05 - Michelle Starts Her Community Service

by Pascale Day Published on 25/04/2017 at 01:00
Eastenders 01/05 - Michelle Starts Her Community Service

Eastenders Episode Guide - Monday 1st May.


The Carters struggle to come to terms with Woody’s latest act and as word reaches the otherresidents, the family get more than they bargained for...

Sharon and Ian support Michelle as she starts her Community Service sentence but Louise, Madison and Alexandra do their best to make things harder for her. Meanwhile, the trio spot Bex and Travis busking together and a flustered Louise struggles to talk to Travis. Later on, Louise is horrified when a drunk Michelle and Sharon return home and haunted by Phil’s alcoholic past.

Elsewhere, Denise hides her financial struggles from her friends and family. After some encouragement from Max, Jack attempts to get back to normal life but finds it harder than imagined. Jane surprises Ian with a present​​.

Pascale Day
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