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Eastenders 1/09 - Tina insists on scattering Stan's ashes

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 1/09 - Tina insists on scattering Stan's ashes

Eastenders​ Episode Guide – Tuesday 1st September


As word spreads about Shabnam and Kush, Tina insists on scattering Stan's ashes and pleads with Mick to make Shirley come with them. Mick eventually heads to Shirley's flat but things take a turn when Dean arrives with Lady Di and Shirley realises Tina lied to her. Back at The Vic, Mick announces Lady Di is moving back in but Shirley soon arrives and tries to take Stan's ashes. Amongst the commotion, the urn falls to the ground but everyone is stunned to learn the contents aren't actually ashes - who has Stan's ashes? Mick is quick to assume Dean is the culprit but the penny soon drops and Mick and Tina go to find Aunt Babe. After learning she's moved to Ramsgate, the pair realise they need Shirley's help and after an emotional plea from both Mick and Tina, Shirley agrees to go with them and find Aunt Babe in Ramsgate.

Shabnam and Kush return home and struggle to come to terms with the death of their baby. At lunch, Shabnam grows frustrated at Carmel when she brings up the wedding and leaves the room. When Kush goes to find her, he is shocked to hear Shabnam is moving back to Pakistan after the funeral tonight. Masood later overhears Carmel suggest to Kush that he moves back to Essex with her causing a huge argument between Masood and Carmel. Over the Square, Kush pleads with Shabnam to stay but with emotions high, the pair come to blows and Kush tells Shabnam she should move to Pakistan and stay there.

Elsewhere, Lee confronts Whitney and shares his fears about her odd behaviour forcing Whitney to come clean. When the pair return to The Vic, they are shocked to find Lee's boss waiting for him. With Denise and Vincent continuing to bicker, Kim leaves Pearl with them for the day but things take a turn when Vincent annoys Denise by buying Patrick a present.

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