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Eastenders 10/02 – Kat tells Max about Stacey

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 4 February 2014
Eastenders 10/02 – Kat tells Max about Stacey© BBC Pictures

Eastenders Episode Guide – Monday 10th February


Kat is convinced she has seen Stacey on her way to see Alfie, overshadowing their reunion. Kat tells him what she saw and pushes him to look for her. Alfie isn’t convinced, but Kat goes to tell Max what she saw.

Lucy discovers that Danny has been stealing money as she goes through the Butcher’s Joints account. Danny offers Lucy to get involved in the scheme – will he persuade her?

Nancy and Whitney sign Johnny up for online dating. Tamwar also discovers that Shabnam has been using the internet to find love…

Alfie is excited to see the twins on the scan, but his happiness is interrupted when he receives a mysterious text.

Denise is unhappy when Ian offers Fatboy a job at the restaurant.

Carol and Max © BBC Pictures
Emmy Griffiths
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