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Eastenders 10/07 – Do Mick and Linda want the same thing?

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 1 July 2014
Eastenders 10/07 – Do Mick and Linda want the same thing?© BBC Pictures

Eastenders Episode Guide – Thursday 10th July ​


After telling Mick she wants another baby, do Mick and Linda want the same thing? Meanwhile, downstairs Dean and Lee bond over a nightcap and share their own experiences of growing up as a “Carter” whilst a downbeat Johnny returns from saying his goodbyes to Gianluca at the station.

Linda heads downstairs, unaware that Mick has followed and she is stunned when he makes a romantic gesture to apologise for their disagreement. The pair kiss and make-up and reminisce about their childhood unaware that Dean is still sat around the corner listening in and he soon hears a huge family secret. Mick heads upstairs and Linda spots Dean. Linda swears Dean to secrecy about what he has overheard but can she trust him? Meanwhile upstairs as Mick heads to bed, Lee drunkenly mumbles about having done something stupid connected to Lucy Beale…

Across the Square, Shirley opens up to Patrick about her relationship with Dean. Patrick urges Shirley to reach out and try and talk to Dean again. Drunk and emotional, Shirley heads to The Vic and corners Dean outside and she tells him that she’ll walk away and won’t be his mum anymore if that’s what he wants but how will Dean react?

Do Mick and Linda want the same thing? © BBC Pictures
Emmy Griffiths
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