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Eastenders 10/08 - Linda And Mick Reel From Recent Events

by Pascale Day ,
Eastenders 10/08 - Linda And Mick Reel From Recent Events

Eastenders Episode Guide - Thursday 10th August.


Linda and Mick reel from recent events and their family start to suspect all is not well. As her family starts to ask questions, the pressure rises for Linda but can she hold it together?

Fi pushes Max to get more information from Carmel despite insisting on keeping their relationship a secret; he later joins Carmel and oblivious Denise for a drink at The Vic. As Denise winds Carmel up about her new secret man, Max sneaks off to tell Fi what he’s learned about the council. Max returns and kisses Carmel in public.

Lauren is taken back when Cora arrives and questions Lauren on her engagement. As Abi stirs the pot, Cora sees through Lauren’s front and susses that something else is going on. Worried, Cora tells her to call her mum otherwise she will. Honey suggests Ingrid, Jack and the children join her and Billy on their camping trip but Jack refuses. Stacey is shocked to learn from Linda why Whitney was thrown out of The Vic.

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