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Eastenders 11/02 – Kat and Max discuss Stacey

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 4 February 2014
Eastenders 11/02 – Kat and Max discuss Stacey© BBC Pictures

Eastenders Episode Guide – Tuesday 11th February


Kat and Max secretly discuss Stacey. Alfie loses track of time having not adjusted his watch, and so Max offers to take Kat for her scan. Alfie runs in late, disappointed by his error, and is surprised to find Max there.

Tamwar reveals to Shabnam that the market might be closing down. She swallows her pride and takes a job at the Minute Mart, but in her haste to impress Denise she tells her about the market.

Janine’s solicitor leaves Ian shocked as he is informed she is planning to sell her share of the restaurant. He desperately tries to find a way to protect his business.​

Lucy and Danny hear about Janine’s plans, and so they make sure they’re financially set up. Billy is left dejected when Lucy tells him she and Danny are setting up an estate agency.

Johnny communicates online with the Walford Wonder, but is shocked when he finds out who it is.

Max looks for Stacey © BBC Pictures
Max looks for Stacey
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy Griffiths - Published on 4 February 2014
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