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Eastenders 14/10 – The Carters worry about Nancy

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 07/10/2014 at 01:15
Eastenders 14/10 – The Carters worry about Nancy

Eastenders Episode Guide – Tuesday 14th October

Spoiler Alert!

It’s the day of Nancy’s Musical Bingo night at The Vic and the Carters are becoming increasingly worried about Linda. A concerned Mick makes a call to someone asking for their help. But who does he trust to get to the bottom of this…?

Roxy and Aleks return to the Square and not wanting to be apart, Roxy asks Aleks to move in with her. Aleks is distracted by a text on his phone and rushes to work where he comes face to face with his wife (Marta) and daughter (Ineta). Aleks sends Tamwar to take Ineta to the café leaving him alone with Marta and they share a moment of passion in the office. Later Aleks puts Ineta and Marta into a taxi telling them he will meet them at their B&B. Aleks packs his bags and posts his key through the letter box but where will he go?

Lauren and Abi confront their dad but he refuses to explain himself to them. Might Max actually love Emma? Lauren encourages Max to tell Emma how he feels. Emma clearly doesn’t want things to be over but as he leans in to kiss her, he is shocked by what she tells him.

Alfie has good news for Stacey - Kat is due to be discharged from the hospital and he has an appointment with a lettings agent. He’s confident that the money from the insurance company will come through but Stacey’s not convinced.

Lauren and Peter notice someone taking photos of them from a car in the Square. But who is it…?

Emmy Griffiths
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