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Eastenders 15/01 – Carol confides in Sonia

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 07/01/2014 at 01:30
Eastenders 15/01 – Carol confides in Sonia © BBC Pictures

Eastenders Episode Guide – Wednesday 15th January


Sonia wonders about the reason behind Carol’s visit, and Carol admits she has breast cancer. As Sonia’s daughter Rebecca performs on her guitar, Carol breaks down as Sonia and Bianca try to comfort her.

Carol stays at Sonia’s for a few days and Sonia tells Carol to do whatever makes her happy. But what is that?

David offers Max one hundred grand to buy into the car lot but Max fuses. Furious, David scratches on of the cars with his keys.

Phil knows he needs to show Sharon his commitment, but how will she react if he reveals everything?

Carol stays round Sonia's © BBC Pictures
Carol stays round Sonia's
Emmy Griffiths
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