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Eastenders 15/05 - Michelle Attends A Job Interview

by Pascale Day ,
Eastenders 15/05 - Michelle Attends A Job Interview

Eastenders Episode Guide - Monday 15th May.


Things take a turn for the worse for Jack.

A nervous Denise heads to the job centre to sign on to benefits but after a long wait, is frustrated to learn they are unable to help her without an application forcing her to leave empty handed. Back home, Denise is once again left with no food. Meanwhile, Michelle attends a job interview and after a successful meeting, reveals to Sharon it’s not for a teaching job.

With Ian struggling to stick to his healthy lifestyle, Jane suggests he joins a slimming club but he is less than impressed by the idea. Over at The Vic, Ian complains to Woody about the situation but is made to rethink after some wise words from Woody. Elsewhere, the stall holders start to turn onCarmel when they learn she has an interview at the council.​​

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