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Eastenders 16/10 – Linda's mother arrives at the Vic

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 07/10/2014 at 01:30
Eastenders 16/10 – Linda's mother arrives at the Vic

Eastenders Episode Guide – Thursday 16th October

Spoiler Alert!

After receiving a phone call from Mick, Linda’s mother, Elaine arrives at The Vic. She goes to Linda’s room and encourages her to get dressed up and go down to the bar. After suggesting Linda can’t cope with the pub she Elaine then assumes that there is something wrong with her and Mick. Linda breaks down and wants desperately to confide in her mum but can’t. Linda is terrified of going downstairs but she knows she has to face her demons. Elaine sings a song, with Nancy and Johnny as backing vocals to make Linda laugh. For a moment Linda seems brighter until Dean walks into the bar. A terrified Linda is rooted on the spot but soon makes her way quickly upstairs. However, when she walks in on Dexter and Nancy kissing on the kitchen table, she is not happy. Elaine calms everything down and Mick takes Dexter downstairs. Elaine tries again to speak to her daughter but will Linda be able to tell her mum the truth?

Roxy finds out from Ronnie what is happening with Charlie then admits to sending him a text from Ronnie’s phone.

Emmy Griffiths
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