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Eastenders 17/01 – There is damp at The Vic

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 7 January 2014
Eastenders 17/01 – There is damp at The Vic© BBC Pictures

Eastenders Episode Guide – Friday 17th January


Sadie returns home with Bella whilst Jake and Lauren are in bed together. Jake tries to distract them, but Bella’s already gone upstairs. Are they about to be caught out?!

Carol tries to discover who the pregnancy test belong to and jumps to different conclusions.

Linda isn’t best pleased when she hears Sharon is planning on opening a bar on the Square. The Carters discover The Vic has a major damp problem, and get annoyed at Phil as he hid this when selling the pub. Phil doesn’t care too much and refuses to help with the cost of repair.

Kat is miserable when Alfie leaves for Australia for a month, but tries to be supportive, especially as he leaves her with a parting present.

Masood is trying to get his money back from Alfie, trying to talk Kat into feeling sorry for him. It doesn’t work.

David makes his mark on the car lot business by revamping the main office. Max is annoyed he did it without consulting him, especially since he changed the name to Deals on Wheels.

The Carters discover there is a damp problem at The Vic © BBC Pictures
Emmy Griffiths
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