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EastEnders 17/12 – Carol and David have a flirty meal together

by Alison Potter Published on 10 December 2013
EastEnders 17/12 – Carol and David have a flirty meal together© BBC Pictures

EastEnders Episode Guide – Tuesday 17th December


Carol goes to visit Alice in prison and she’s surprised to find David there. Afterwards David and Carol go to a hotel restaurant together, where Carol begins to get tipsy and reciprocate David’s advances. She suggests they get a room, but will she go through with it? And what will the doctor say about her lump?

Realising the truth about Sam, Dexter goes on a mission to apologise to everyone he has crossed in the last few weeks. He goes to the Arches to get his job back and he tries to get Ava the job that she had turned down in Newcastle.

Frightened from the burglary and worried about everyone finding out the church money is gone, Dot goes to the bank to take out a loan. A terrified Dot pulls it together for the photocall with Reverend Stevens, but will she manage to keep her secret hidden?

Lola tells Tina that she and Shirley have the house to themselves on Christmas day as she and Billy are going to Phil’s.

Meanwhile, Alfie comes clean to Kat about Janine not wanting them to run the pub.

Carol and David enjoy a flirty meal © BBC Pictures
Alison Potter
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