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Eastenders 2/10 - The residents of Albert Square reel from yesterday’s events

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 22/09/2015 at 02:15
Eastenders 2/10 - The residents of Albert Square reel from yesterday’s events

Eastenders Episode Guide – Friday 2nd October


The residents of Albert Square reel from yesterday’s events and start to look to the future. At the Butcher’s, Sonia reminds Carol she needs to start thinking of herself and she agrees to move to Milton Keynes with Robbie. After Carol says farewell to those close to her, she finds herself reminiscing about the past in the Square but soon spots Sami who is upset he can no longer have a puppy after they were all sold. Back home, the Butchers have a farewell dinner for Carol and she begins to say an emotional goodbye to her family and surprises Robbie and Sami with a puppy – Wellard 2. With the words of her friends and family playing on her mind, Carol soon changes her plans and decides to put herself first for once and she makes her way out of Walford.

Elsewhere, Sharon confronts Phil about his recent behaviour but convinced he’s telling the truth, begins to get their relationship back on track. Phil’s optimism soon disappears however when he receives a visitor. Worried, Phil surprises Sharon and tells her they’re going on a holiday but as they leave, the visitor returns and Sharon realises Phil has lied to her again – how will she react? Over at the car lot, Ben and Paul are getting it on but they are caught in the act by Phil…

Lauren is frustrated when Abi questions her about her relationship with Peter and gives her a plane ticket back to New Zealand – can Lauren leave Walford? With her family in pieces, Lauren takes matters into her own hands.

Nancy’s family discover the truth about her seizures and she agrees to see a doctor. When she returns, the united Carters share a group hug but are interrupted by Elaine who returns with her new fiancé…

Emmy Griffiths
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